Saturday, February 21, 2009

Everybody's got a way of gettin' on...

When I am out late, and have a good taste of Jack ,my mind let's loose all the pent up thoughts that wander around aimlessly...

I miss Boone. I miss the fresh air. The contrast of the bright blue sky with the fast-paced clouds. The mountains that surround and overwhelm your view. I miss the view from my spot at the counter in Espresso News. The smell of roasted coffee and hum of daily conversation. I miss the crisp breeze and the daily walks. I don't walk enough now...

I miss my best friend. The studio looking over King street. The records. The live shows with loud music, and the long talks about everything and nothing. Rooftop sessions of blues and quality beer. Or just soaking up early spring rays, sharing conversation, stretched out on a warm blanket.

I miss the mountain views that are so extensive you are never quite sure of how far you can actually see. Is that the final range...or is there more to see? Lazy clouds keep it a mystery.

A cozy bar with faces that you know...any night of the week. A bartender that doesn't even check your ID because they remember you. Sidewalks that carry you and your friends to familiar places. Shows with an energy only found with a community of listeners...not just patrons of an establishment.

When I want to feel these memories I just need to listen to Sally Jaye, Radiohead, Joshua Radin, Ryan Adams, or Ray Lamontagne, andI am transported to higher elevations and a simpler life. The songs that carried me throughout each day. Forget six lanes of traffic. Forget a 40 minute commute. Forget skyscrapers and the necessity of a highway. Give me the curve of a mountain range, and the comfort of a sunset.

And so, I am going to go back. Just for a visit. A taste. A reconnection with the town that has felt more like home than anywhere else I have ever lived.

So, if you are in North the mountainous region of Watauga county I hope to see you sometime during the second week of April...because as much as I enjoy Atlanta, and the peoples here, I miss the simplicity of Boone...and the life that was there. And one day, just maybe, I hope to go back for good.

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