Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 4: Energetic

I know I am writing this a day late...but I thought I would provide a quick summary of day four.
It was the first day of the cleanse that I have not felt overly hungry and have noticed an increase in energy level. It was really easy to wake up, get moving, and out the door. I felt almost like I had drank a cup of coffee on the way to work - without the jitters.
Side note: I think I need to use less cayenne pepper.
I am still crabby by the end of the day because I am just not ingesting enough calories (I think), but when I got home and made myself a fresh one my attitude turned itself around.
Another side note: My short temper is back.
Achievement of the day? I went to the gym with 'the boys'. I ran a full mile - something I have never accomplished in my life. Then, I lifted until the guys wanted to call it a night. So you tell me this? How have I not eaten for 4 days, and can still go to the gym and feel even more incredible when I leave?


Breanna said...

A wizard did it.

(that's always the answer when the answer is otherwise unexplained)

Nutmeg said...

heh! Another question is how, on day 3 or 4 of my first ten-day cleanse, I started biking again to the tune of 26 miles? It seems like I've long understimated the importance of elimination. KLX after my second ten-day was absolutely magic. I love dancing FAST! :)