Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 8: Willpower

I think that some of my friends might not believe that I have actually stuck to my cleanse. Well, I have. I have honestly not ingested ANYTHING besides what I am supposed to. The temptation is there for sure. Just one bite. Just a piece. Just a section. Just a tiny bit. But, no. I have not. I promise. And that is one aspect of this entire undertaking - for me at least. To be able to keep my word in all the secret and alone places. To be able to look back and know without a doubt that I kept my promise with no slip-ups to cloud my memory. It is a good feeling =)

While it felt great to dance at HotJam, and I wasn't hungry when I got home, I felt like crap this morning because I spent more calories than I took in last night. So, the lack of sleep and exercise caught up with me big time. My tea barely filled me up and I downed two lemonades before 10. eep...shoulda packed more.

The deep seated willpower that I know I possess had to kick in big time today. I am just not going to give up. I have made it this far. It has been since last Monday that I have eaten a meal. So yeah...take that, cleanse. Take that, body. Take that, all you crap and toxins in my body. Honestly, when I am not feeling hunger pains I feel amazing. Very clear and light. Calm and peaceful. I never crash or feel sluggish unless I have neglected to drink. So yeah..I can maintain my energy much better than before. It is the opposite of eating - I used to look forward to pain and sleepiness after a meal - now I look forward to being more alert and energetic. What a concept.

I have a meeting tonight at 9 and then it is bedtime. Yay. I have to work late tomorrow and then thursday so we will see how that goes. I need to get more juice bottles...and a bigger hippie bag to carry them all =)

Tomorrow is Earth Day. Make sure you celebrate in some outlandish and attention-grabbing fashion please. I will be wearing my recycled bamboo shirt and patagonia pants. Boone is about to hit Snellville.

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