Sunday, August 16, 2009

(In parenthesis) Ramblings in Brown Ink in Minneapolis

We desire outcomes. We are so much more at ease with a reliable answer to our questions. Yet the future is impossible to grasp for more than the split moment in time for which it occurs. Flying past at an uncontrollable speed, we experience our future while still wondering what will happen next.


This continual evaporation of life keeps us satisfied for as long as the few destinations we desire allow. Looking ahead only pains the present. And yet, we continue.


It makes me ponder. Refusing to acknowledge the reality of my inconsistent choices, unable to foresee the repeatable future, I commence a pattern in which I hold more weight in my selfish present than the malleable what is to come.


Escape. A familiar word, often used, often abused. Often found. More often lost. Time offers such beauty. And takes it away...

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