Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lefty Views and an Article of Great Interest

Upon reading this and other opinions/articles that so aptly point out the craziness that is our right winged media, it makes me recall a certain era in Britain's history where church and state were not separate. A king ruled and God spoke through the King. Whatever he said was The word of God. A coincidence with Glenn Beck saying that God is telling him "The Plan"? Hmmmm... Let's just say that we all know from our history books that there was no middle class with a ruling system like that, and there was no leadership - only fear.

Now I am not a 'socialist' or a 'communist', but I do believe that when people are working together to support each other, and have compassion in a community sense, that a thriving society can be created. I read an article in the Worcester, MA Telegram about a group of High School students that studied cultures in Kenya that had incredibly low crime rates. There was a high percentage of compassion taught in the home and schools, and there was a sense of sharing responsibility among the members. Unfortunately I cannot find the article (darn!), but it stuck out in my memory as a lesson to our current attitude of entitlement. Now, I am all for working hard to earn your way, and everyone should have equal opportunity - but when it goes unbridled and unchecked a severe imbalance can occur - like we see today with banks that are too big to fail.

So, with my first blatant political views out in the open air I will let you read the article.

Huffington Post: Glenn Beck: the Televangelist Con Man Selling God's Plan for America

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