Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Adventures 2010 - Austin, TX

A new city to add to my list. Guessing from my travels as a child I have probably Been to Texas before - but not long enough to remember or think much of it. I think I will go back soon...

1. Dancing at the East Side Showroom was a highlight. Our first night and best night of lindy hop. The band was ridiculous hilarious, and energizing. I wish we had more weekly music in the ATL - or at least more hot jazz in general. Snagged a bunch of great dances and got to meet the local crowd.

2. Rent party/Jam session. I admit that i was hesitant to go to a party that was not for dancers and was going to be all jamming and beer drinking. Luckily I was totally wrong. The musicians were awesome and the variety of faces made it quite comfortable. Terrace picked up the jug and joined the band quite readily. After a few beers and words of encouragement i joined LG on vocals if i knew the song. A dance and conversation on the porch made it an evening that made me want to move to Austin. Not that i am going to any time soon - but it is an option.

3. Blacks BBQ!! I am not a big BBQ person but the 45 min drive and 20 min wait was worth it. I am a believer.

4. Game night and Karaoke. Once again we had a social evening with the local 'crew'. I think this is the first time I a long while that i actually enjoyed playing games. And what can be bad about 2am Karaoke?? Nothing.

Those were the high points. So much happened and it was all quite delightful. Ours hosts were fantastic - thanks Bp & J =) Despite the antics and allergies of Wingy I loved seeing them. I am going to make a concerted effort to visit sooner than later. Next time maybe with a car and more time to explore and visit other Texans.

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