Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Adventures 2010 - Vegas!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Sure...
Well this was a fairly laid back trip, punctuated by moments only found in Sin City. I don't know if I am in love though. I have no desire to gamble, and there are only so many people I can take before wanting quiet solitude. It was impressive, overwhelming, and very shiny.

1. Staying at the Palms was a great choice. Quieter than the strip. A bit more upscale and 'MTV generation' crowd. Almost no families - which means no screaming kids. Complete with multiple night clubs, movie theater, restaurants, and casino we didn't need to leave except for a show. The pool was swanky, with lots of eye candy, cabanas, and chilly water. Mmmmm... I spent too much time on Wed and got nice and crispy.

2. Lance Burton. Going from having never seen a live magic show (not counting Jonathan) to seeing Magician of the Year (11 years in a row) was a leap of quality. Everything from doves, scarves, fire, ladies, swords, disappearing, appearing, levitation, and skeletons. My favorite were the ducks. Especially when they started waddling around the stage in a line. Eeeee!!! I almost jumped out of my seat with childlike glee. As a person privy to a few secrets of magic due to a certain friend (ahem) I was still very entertained. Apparently he is retiring in September, so I am happy I got to see him live at least once =)

3. Cirque du Soleil - 'O'. I was told to see this particular show by a variety of people and i am glad i listened. What a display of visual and kinetic art. Because the 'floor' was a huge tank of water with moving platforms the depth of the performances were increased tenfold. Literally and visually. In dance you can only get so low - but with the freedom of the water the performers could simply disappear. With a splash or smooth slice, their instant removal from the stage freed up the choreography to move quickly. The audience's attention could be redirected with ease. I enjoyed the multicultural aspect; there were pieces with distinct themes from different parts of the world. I loved the diving piece with the three 'swings'. My biggest reaction was to the fire jugglers though. Using a warm element and a wet element at the same time was visually jarring. There were people dancing and splashing in the water while fire was being passed around in a most impressive and seemingly dangerous manner. Also, the tension created by a man being set on fire and simply walking off stage instead of jumping in the water - or being doused - was interesting.
Water evokes a sense of cold or coolness due to color and texture. Adding metal shapes in which the gymnasts were performing on added to the feeling of danger. We all know water is slippery. What a bold element to add to a show full of already the hight of technical dance and acrobatic ability. Summary? Loved it. See it if you can. Clowns can be hilarious and not scary.

4. To waste time on Thursday afternoon we went to the theater in the Palms and saw Twilight. Yes, you can laugh. I consider myself to be much deeper than those movies - and I did laugh at times that were not suppers to be funny - but they are entertaining and appeal to the hopeless romantic deep inside. However, the books are much more revealing of each character. I am not a fan of the actors to say the least. Oh yeah, and I am totally Team Jacob. Helloooo??? Sense of humor, fit, and expressive. Edward (as depicted on screen) needs to develop a personality. There is only so much strong sullen silence that can go on before I want to shake him.

5. Did a lot of walking around and gawking at the lights, people, and buildings. Damn, everything here is enormous. Shopping, streets, hotels, and boobs.

6. Playboy Club!!! Although Wednesday was a slow night we headed up to the fifty-something floor to the Bunny suite. It was very classy and 60s-esque. The dealers were dressed like bunnies, and so were the waitresses. I tried to get a pic with two girls but it was so dark that it didn't really show up. Boo iPhone! Either way we enjoyed the view, I had a couple drinks, and we watched the few people that were there with great amusement. Yeah, it was baller. Straight baller. I just wish I could have been able to grab one of the bunny tails...they were just so...inviting...and fluffy...

My last day here has been spent alone due to a flight booking mixup. Yes, silly me. However it is nice to get some solitude. I have been with people nonstop for the past couple weeks and am looking towards a new place for 6 days of new people. Yoga, pool, and some Starbucks (meh) have gotten me through the day. My flight leaves tonight for Seattle. I am ready to get out of Vegas and onto a place with less extravagant prices, clothing, tans, and noise. Adventure. Freedom. New city. Here I come.

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