Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's not about the destination...

Five weeks left in the school year. Wow.

Next year holds...?? Not entirely sure yet. I am putting myself out there and seriously applying for high school positions. After careful reconsideration of my finances, life as it is currently being lived, and more personal things, I feel as though I should stay in Atlanta for at least another year. I am tired of running. Tired of moving. My life has been one big giant move for as long as I can remember. I have moved every year since 2002, and let's not even start in on my nomadic, house-less, childhood. I need roots.

Last week, when I was leaving Piedmont Park it hit me. I am living in Atlanta. Not just residing. But living. Life is full, but not cramped. Variety. New faces. Positive activities. Giving and receiving. There is so much left to explore in this city, and I am ready for it! Sure, there are some mindsets that just don't jive with me, and I am frustrated with the need for a car. But, there are so many other wonderful things going on here. This feels like home, for once. And I am going to thrive and grow on that feeling until it is really time to move on - not when I am just running away.

Summer Plans
Work and all it's professional learning ends on June 3rd.
My crazy idea this year was to drive all the way to San Francisco. Each summer I try to travel somewhere new. After looking at the map and the giant expanse between Austin and CA I cringed and reconsidered the reality of such a quest. I would absolutely have to have a road buddy to make this happen--for both money and sanity. I have been cross-country and I know how you can drive for an hr and see the same pair of headlights coming towards you because it is. so. freaking. flat.

Things that will make this trip different? Hmm....I would like to spend a great deal of time exploring the cities I visit instead of *just* dancing. Although, I must admit that my first two stops will be focused on dance. I am going to Instagram the ish out of this trip and meet some other IG'ers. I don't have any driving buddies lined up. I am open to the idea of someone joining me for a leg or two, but I would really like to make the bulk of this journey solo. It's all part of recuperating from the school year.

Summer 2011 is going to be spent in my beloved TDI, Lola. Heart her. Here are my Hopes and Dreams. I will pin down the exact dates soon.

1 week - NOLA
1 week - Austin
10-14 days - Boulder
4-5 days - St. Louis
Overnight in Nashville
3-5 days - Knoxville for a quick stop
4-5 days - Boone

Home to recover and get back in the mindset for teaching and learning.

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