Tuesday, June 12, 2012

True Story

 If success has continued to elude you in the development of certain types of relationships in your life, whether in romance or friendship or professional contexts, it may be because you're treating this particular relationship-type as too utterly different from the other types you may find easier to develop. In other words, if you're so good at making friends, why are you approaching dating situations as if they require following a completely distinct set of rules? Or why aren't you treating that annoyingly inescapable co-worker with the same level of peaceful acceptance you learned to foster with your pesky sibling? People are people… and no matter the role (chosen or involuntarily acquired) they play in your life, the same basic habits of authentic exchange and sympathetic understanding will serve you well. You may find yourself better able to shine in whatever relational context(s) have previously tripped you up if you stop putting these certain types of people in special categories… a complicating device which only makes you act weirder than you otherwise would.

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